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Tyrone has been fortunate enough to assist numerous clients, both nationally and internationally, through the process of finding clarity, closure, and comfort that our loved ones in Spirit are still very much a part of our lives. Working alongside Spirit, as a Psychic Medium, his focus is to illuminate your spiritual potential by providing accurate guidance, understanding and detailed validation that our consciousness transcends physical death.

With a solid understanding of Psychic Awareness and the Mechanics of Mediumship, bridging two worlds and inspiring other lightworkers to share their unique ability are at the forefront of his mission.

“It is through our own experiences and intuitive impulses that we have the opportunity to welcome the guidance and support of Spirit into our lives. It is here we are reminded of their unconditional love and the power of our own Spirit to elevate our own healing, growth and understanding on our journey.”

Tyrone is known for his compassionate, honest and down-to-earth presentation in the way he delivers messages of healing and hope – guiding direction and reigniting the energy of purpose.

Tyrone Cusack

From a young age, I was able to connect with energies and the Spirit world. At the time I was not consciously aware of the mechanics of how this all worked, nor did I understand it, I just knew what I was experiencing to be true and normal. It was only later in life that the puzzle pieces of past memories and pivotal experiences would begin to fall into place, bringing my story into focus.

My earliest memory of my intuitive ability was when my little sister was brought home from the hospital. I was so excited to be a big brother. When I held her in my arms for the first time it was like I could feel everything she was feeling, a soul to soul connection was made. It was in the coming months that my mother noticed the unspoken communication we had; I knew when she was hungry, feeling unwell or needed a nappy change.

A year later my great grandmother had fallen very ill and came to stay with us. Unfortunately, her condition worsened one evening, resulting in her getting rushed to hospital in an ambulance. I remember standing with my mom and dad at the window, telling them we must wave goodbye to granny because she’s going back home. The next day we were informed of her passing. I couldn’t understand why everyone was so upset because I could still feel her around us and knew that she was okay. However, I could also feel the sadness this brought to my family but did not yet comprehend the pain of a loved one passing into the Spirit World.

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