FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


With so many talented Readers and a fair share of sneaky charlatans out in the world, choosing the right Psychic or Medium can be a bit daunting. So, before you choose, here’s a little tip to make things easier: Do your research and more importantly trust your vibes!

More than likely you have either found a Reader online or have heard about a particular Psychic Medium through word of mouth. It is normal to seek out an Intuitive Counsellor for some guidance in times of healing and uncertainty; perhaps you are inquisitive about the experience or simply want to review whether your overall wellness is on track.

Wherever you find yourself, ensure that you research your options. Read testimonials; look for websites and social media pages. Check if your potential Reader has done any training or are recognised for their work. You are paying for your sitting after all. If you were planning on making a significant purchase, you wouldn’t do so on a whim or out of desperation, nor should you do the same when choosing a Psychic or Medium.

Set your intentions to find the right Reader for you, in the present moment. Perhaps even say their name out loud and notice how you feel – Do you feel drawn to that particular Reader or not? Deep down inside when the right Psychic or Medium appears, you will know! Good Luck and remember to enjoy the experience.


There is no hard and fast rule as we are all different in the way we prepare for certain experiences. However, a good place to start is by going into your session with an open mind. If your heart, mind and energy are open to the experience, you are likely to gain the most from your sitting.

Some people are very open and content with ‘whatever comes through, comes through,’ while others like to prepare somewhat. If you are pulled towards the latter and are unsure how to do so, perhaps prepare a couple of questions and take them with you. Your Reader should give you the opportunity to ask any questions if they haven’t been answered during your sitting.

If you are going to a Medium, it’s important to note that a Medium cannot demand Spirits to come through, but will do their best to deliver the evidence and messages of those that do come to communicate with you. Perhaps send a loving thought to your loved ones in Spirit prior to your sitting and let the rest fall into place. Your Reader should make you feel comfortable and guide you through the experience.

Most importantly, relax and have fun! Let the magic of your higher self and your spiritual team take the wheel and allow your chosen Psychic or Medium do the rest.


Every Psychic, Medium and Healer works differently, but no matter whom you turn to for guidance or healing, the person you choose should make you feel comfortable and give a brief explanation as to how they will work with you – guiding you through the process. If you are having a reading, I recommend taking notes, or if your Reader agrees, recording the session, so you are able to reflect on the guidance you receive at a later date. Some readings can be emotional, invoking unexpected tears, so if you are feeling particularly sensitive prior to your session, perhaps have some tissues on hand.

Each reading is different and magical in its own right, however, it’s important to note that, sometimes the answers you want are not always the answers you get! Often, we can go into a reading solely focused on immediate answers to certain questions, or perhaps fixated on wanting a specific loved one in Spirit to come through, completely disregarding the soul food we actually need to move forward; as well as the emotional and spiritual healing aspects of the experience.

As mentioned in question 2, go into your session with an open mind and then play your part in your self-discovery. Having a couple of questions prepared is fine, however, approaching your sitting with pages and pages of questions can limit the overall experience, especially when focusing too intently on one aspect within a bigger picture. As humans, we are so much more than just a busy mind needing to know the answers. It’s not just about what your mind is searching for, but what your body, heart and soul needs your attention on as well. When you allow your Psychic Medium to connect with Spirit and your energetic consciousness, you can gain more than what the mind may have otherwise perceived.

If your Reader has brought through information about your loved one in Spirit that you don’t know or don’t understand, hold onto it for a bit, do further research if you can. Spirit could use this particular bit of information as a reference the next time they connect with you. Please remember that anything that is predicted by your Reader or the Spirit world is a possible outcome, a translation of possibilities within your energetic blueprint. What this means is you are in control of your life, you are responsible for your decisions and actions, able to influence your reality and the timelines within it, by making or not making a change.

The reading is only unfolding YOUR story and the healing required at that moment in time. It can better acquaint you with your current strengths and possible weaknesses, ensuring you have the best tools and insights for YOU to move forward making the most out of your past, present and future experiences. The amount of information can vary from reading to reading but regardless of the quantity, it is important to allow yourself time to process and assimilate any new information and healing that is brought forward during your sitting.

A good Psychic Medium works to illuminate your conscious understanding of where you are in your life, open your heart to the love of the Spirit world and re-spark your awesome potential for living your best life. Sometimes, we need to experience a bit of tough love before a shining diamond can be revealed. With that said, you should always leave your session feeling better than you did when you walked in. Whether your reading is one that affirms you are on the right track or reveals some difficult truths, know that your spiritual team come from a place of love and will continue to support you. You always have the opportunity to experience comfort, clarity and transformation if you are willing.


After your reading or healing session remember to BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF and DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If you have received a lot of information and healing during your session it may require some time to assimilate and digest it all. Take your time with this and rest if you need to. For some it can take a couple of days, for others it can take a little longer and that’s okay too. Remember, you are a powerful being, responsible for your own life choices and more than capable of living your best life possible.


All costs are available on request. Please send an email to Info@Tyronespiritmessenger.com for further details.


There is no difference. Online appointments are just as effective as face-to-face appointments. Tyrone just asks that you ensure you are in a quiet location with a reasonable Internet connection to limit interruptions during your sitting.


Most certainly Yes. Audio recordings are allowed but are strictly for personal use only. Video recordings are prohibited. For further clarity, please read the terms and conditions.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process, it is a good idea to raise these prior to your reading. If your Reader happens to offer a variety of services (ie: healing, tarot, astrology etc), you should clearly stipulate which
service you are looking for.

So your reading is booked, confirmed and you are ready to go. Then out of the blue something comes up and you need to rearrange your schedule. This is completely normal and happens to everyone at some point or another. Should this occur, please be courteous and notify your Reader as soon as possible that you wish to cancel or change your appointment. Although your Reader is psychic, please remember they still have their own lives to live and schedules to manage.

A timely cancellation will more often than not result in the Reader favourably rescheduling you into the next earliest appointment. If your session is confirmed and you are able to attend, be it face-to-face or online, respect your Reader’s time and do not be late for your sitting. Most Readers and Healers will not be able to go over the allotted time
due to their own appointment schedule, so please keep this in mind.


Do not go to any reading or healing session under the influence of alcohol or other substances. This will not benefit you in any way and could result in your sitting being terminated without a refund depending on the relevant T&C’s. Your chosen Reader will explain the process and how they work. If you have brought a couple of questions with you, mention this to your Reader in the beginning but let them instruct you whether they wish to hear them upfront or at the end. It is more than likely that your questions will be left to the end, as most of the time, they will get answered as your sitting progresses. Any unanswered questions can then be highlighted before the reading comes to a close.

Do not tell your Reader your whole back-story before your session begins – let them do what you have paid them to do. With that said, do not be afraid to say, “Yes I understand” or “No I don’t understand” when information is relayed to you. Remember, you are both working together to bring healing and wisdom forward. A respected Reader will make you feel comfortable and safe during the whole experience, because their focus will be to help usher in the healing, clarity and closure you might need to empower yourself and your choices for future endeavours.


If you have had a great experience with your Healer or Reader, a nice gesture of your appreciation is to write a brief review of your experience. This is not mandatory as your Reader or Healer respects your privacy and is aware you may prefer to maintain the anonymity of your attendance. If your Reader has given you their contact number, please respect this by refraining from after hour calls for a quick psychic fix, as they are mostly likely also enjoying time with their families, friends and loved ones.

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