Discover, explore and enhance your spiritual abilities with support and guidance from Psychic Medium Tyrone Cusack.

  • Have you ever wondered if you have Psychic, Intuitive or Mediumistic abilities?

  • Are certain signs, intuitive impulses or the Spirit world reaching out to you…but you don’t understand it or know what to do with it?

  • Perhaps you are already connected to the Spirit world and your intuitive senses, but are ready to level up and see how much you have grown within your abilities, soul-self and spiritual path?

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, deepen your relationship with your own spirit and take the next step in your spiritual journey then look no further!

Join Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Tyrone Cusack as he shares the very best of what he has learnt on his spiritual journey over years of study and practice as a Psychic Medium.

A wonderful opportunity to join a developmental programme of continued online learning via zoom.

Over SIX weeks, you’ll get to meet and work with Tyrone and like minded Lightworkers from all around the world as you put your Spiritual skills and abilities to the test.

Gain valuable insights from Tyrone’s many teachings, stories and exercises and learn how you can deepen the quality of your spiritual experience and unlock the magick of your own innate gifts!


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This opportunity is for both beginner and intermediate level students and will be tailor-made to the developmental needs of all who attend.

Whether you’ve already had training or you’re only beginning to learn about your gifts, this interactive programme is going to support you along your journey… even if you are just a little curious about how these abilities work.


Perfect for those wishing to embrace their own spiritual journey by enjoying weekly practice sessions in a very supportive and nurturing group of like-minded souls.


Six 120 minute LIVE Weekly Development Circle Sessions

Development will include:

Mini tutorials
Practical exercises
Break-out Groups

Topics include but not limited to:
  •  Understanding the difference between the psychic and mediumship faculties
  • Strengthening your foundational framework for intuitive and mediumistic development
  • Building on techniques and practices that elevate, nourish and support your spiritual growth
  • Exploring, enhancing and understanding your connection with your intuition and “clair” senses
  • Exploring the expanse of your psychic senses with tools of divination
  • Learning how to maintain and sustain a Spirit link
  • Sitting in the power – deepening your relationship with yourself, your intuition and that of the Spirit world.


“Tyrone is a phenomenal tutor!  He has an incredible knowledge base to draw from, having travelled the world studying spirituality across many cultures. If you are looking for excellent teaching and exercises that really stretch you to develop – I strongly urge you to book on one of his courses or mentorship programmes.”
– Ann Theato, Psychic Medium & host of Psychic Matters Podcast

“Tyrone’s energy, vibrancy and knowledge shone through and made for an amazing learning experience. I would definitely recommend.”
– Anna-Marie V.

“Thank you for sharing your information and experiences with us. It was a great course to attend. You are a very powerful teacher. Thank you!”
– Samantha N.

“Thanks so much Tyrone this is just what I needed! I have done a fair amount of spiritual courses but you really helped me stretch my own Psychic and Medium abilities more than what I thought was possible. Your passion for honouring the Spirit world and helping other lightworkers learn and spiritually grow into their potential is inspiring!”
–Alex D.

“Brilliant! I got to push myself and connect to Spirit and get a better understanding. The guidance from Tyrone was great, He was a very knowledgeable and a great teacher.”
– Sheryl B.

If you are ready to step out of your comfort zone, deepen your relationship with your own spirit and take the next step in your spiritual journey then look no further!

Hope to see you in class!

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