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Psychic Mediumship Readings

A private sitting offers a personal and intimate experience, where Tyrone will endeavour to connect with your loved ones in Spirit as well as blend with your energy to provide intuitive guidance on your life path, by using both his Psychic and Mediumistic ability. It is common for both modalities to be explored during your sitting however, this is dependent on the needs of the sitter at that moment in time, and can sometimes be focused on one or the other in order to benefit you the most in your individual circumstances.

This private consultation is only available online and lasts approximately 45 minutes with prices available upon request.

A psychic connection focuses on you as an individual and is a great way to illuminate and gain clarity into that which holds importance to you, as well as any areas that might need your attention. This may include relationship, family, career, work, personal goals etc.
Tyrone will connect with your energy to look at your past experiences, where you are currently, and the potential opportunities present within your psyche if you continue on your current path. He endeavours to give you honest and accurate guidance that engages you with your personal power and leaves you feeling empowered and inspired for your journey ahead.

A Mediumistic connection allows you to experience intimate messages of love, comfort and healing by connecting with your friends and family in the Spirit World.


As your loved ones communicate they will share evidence of their life through memories, experiences and other details; often offering guidance into your situation, to bring you peace of mind and show you that they are indeed still around you.

Even though it’s up to Spirit who will come through, Tyrone asks that you are open to those that communicate with you. His focus is to provide an enjoyable and uplifting sitting where you can experience the support and encouragement of your loved ones in Spirit.


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