SECOND PART PAYMENT PLAN | £300 of £300 (5-week mentorship)

This One-to-One Mentorship Programme offers a personalised experience, catering to your own spiritual developmental level and requirements. Throughout the session, I would be using my own intuition and mediumship to assess your work/connections and will also help you to identify what areas we could focus on to deepen your own personal spiritual journey, as well as strengthen your natural abilities further.

There may also be ‘homework’, which could be in the form of tasks, research, or things to focus on to maintain and build your awareness outside of the sessions. The homework may also be focused on your self-development. Each session would be 1 hour long and you could also contact me between sessions via email with questions etc.

Once the 5-week programme has been completed, you will have the option to take a break to allow time to reflect and integrate what we have covered in our sessions together, or you can continue with further classes to enhance your developmental practice. This is a great programme to discover more about yourself and your intuitive abilities and help cultivate tools that will deepen the quality of your spiritual experience.

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